Accelerate Your AI Journey

Join the thousands of organizations embracing AI technologies to drive up their profits and value. Reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and unlock new revenue models.

End-to-End Flow of AI Transformation

At Qult, we help organizations solve some of the toughest problems through cutting-edge scientific computing.



Define your needs, use cases and an appropriate data strategy


Build and train an AI model customize to your specific application.



Deploy and integrate the model within your products, services and workflow.


Our Services

Automate surveillance activities, derive insights from large image and video databases, digitize printed or handwritten documents or create synthetic images and videos.

Deploy, maintain and monitor your AI systems at the lowest cost on cloud or in-house servers to ensure that they continue to operate smoothly and automatically at scale as traffic increases.

Increase user activity, sales and profits by using recommendation engines to up-sell or cross-sell to your customers based on their interests, likes, dislikes and demographics.

Companies can deploy AI security and automation to identify and contain breaches and manage breach life-cycle in more autonomous and efficient way.

Reduce maintenance costs and optimize production by predicting ahead of time any potential faults in your machines and operational workflows and taking appropriate preemptive actions.

Enhance your customer support experience and reduce operating costs through AI bots that are always available to respond to your customer’s queries

Instantly analyze, summarize and derive insights (like sentiments) and structured information from large, raw text documents, or instead generate text for your use case.

Real-time visualizations can be created to make it easier for analysts and executives to trace out trends and make appropriate interventions.

Custom AI Solutions & Use Cases