Marketing & Advertising

The Industry

Marketing is the process of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services. The marketing and advertising industry has been one of the early adopters of AI technologies and has seen a tremendous boon as a result. By some estimates, it is now worth $1.7 billion globally.

How AI Is Transforming the Marketing Industry​

  • The advent of big data and the development of enhanced data analytics tools has led to the emergence of personalized marketing. Using AI methods, each customer’s profile can be built to highlight their preferences. The customer then can be targeted with the products and services they already have an affinity for resulting in a high conversion rate.
  • AI can help in creating presentations by recommending the best way to structure content.
  • AI-based language models can also help in creating better marketing and sales content, optimizing how content should be presented to customers and help improve overall customer experience.

Why is AI so Useful?

The attraction of applying artificial intelligence lies in the fact that marketing is based on identifying micro patterns in user behavior and acting in synergy with those patterns to maximize utilization of some particular product. If there is something that AI has successfully proven itself capable to be, it is identifying such patterns across large plethoras of individuals; many famous examples of AI use cases such as YouTube recommendation engine or Netflix art personalization are based on similar identification of micro patterns across users. This makes marketing and advertising a ripe industry for AI adoption.

What AI Can Do?

Brand Value Evaluation

At QULT.AI we help sports franchises to evaluate media coverage which helps them to get more suitable sponsors.

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Brand Campaign Influencer Recommender

Our brand campaign recommender helps different brands to select celebrities for promotions.

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