Industry 4.0

The Industry

With a market size of $652.8bn in 2021, the US is one of the biggest sectors across the world. Big data and AI revolution are also set to revolutionize the industry. IoT solutions generate a tremendous amount of data. AI solutions can crawl through humongous amounts of data and discover micro behavior patterns that can help companies in better load management, future fault predictions, and anomaly detection among other use cases. Application of AI to advanced use cases in Industry 4.0 can further help add value, increase revenues and improve customer experience.


What AI Can Do?

Root Cause Analysis for Industrial Plant Faults

This can help farmers to optimally choose which crops to harvest and what kind of fertilizers to use.

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Root Cause Analysis for Yield Loss

Leveraging data, AI can optimize dairy production, cows health, and well being.

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Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery

AI drones prevent pest attacks with early detection and prevent them from spreading too far.

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