About Us

Qult is a leading research and development center for data analytics using advanced scientific computing and artificial intelligence algorithms to cater to the needs of the high-tech public, private enterprises, and start-ups. We help businesses elevate their value through customized software development, algorithm design, and innovative AI services. We develop and automate analytical model building while leveraging data to gain the precise knowledge for informed decision-making.

Qult provides varied solutions ranging from ongoing support and maintenance to customized end-to-end solutions, specially tailored for your need. We help you re-imagine and re-design your practices around data collection, data storage, data engineering and machine learning based decision making, enabling you to distill the maximum insights from data, pre-empt the needs of your customers and always remain a step ahead.

Apply AI to your Business

A large number of sectors have been transformed through application of machine learning and data driven technologies. At Quilt we have delivered solutions in the following industrial sectors:


Manufacturing Industry



Working with Qult

Our clients choose us for the following reasons:


We are a group of scientists and engineers with vast experience in using advanced tools in machine/deep learning to extract useful insights from complex data sources in order to develop original and state-of-the-art AI solutions.


Dr. Ali Ahmed is an eminent leading expert in the fields of AI & ML. He serves on the management board of numerous industrial companies and is associated with multiple software houses as a technical consultant. He is also a seasoned researcher with publications in spotlight at NeurIPS; a top ML conference with an acceptance rate of less than 3%. His alma maters include prestigious institutes such as Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech) and Brown University, USA. He also worked at the Department of Mathematics, MIT as an invited faculty member in the year 2017.

Dr. Ali Ahmed

CTO QULT Technologies


Waleed Nasir is diversely skilled in product development, recruiting and managing global teams, driving enterprise sales, and building strategic partnerships. He is currently a board member at Yale Science & Engineering Association.

Waleed has led several startups in the past, leading to acquisition and successful exits. As an experienced Software Engineer, Waleed has worked as a Senior Product Manager and Director prior to his current roles.

With his extensive industry experience in design thinking, product design, and technical product development, Waleed helps founders leverage state-of-the-art technology stacks, tools, processes, and talent, essentially putting their venture on a path to success.

Waleed Nasir

CPO QULT Technologies