Qult has also developed several projects with a clear aim at product development and commercialization. These projects are incubated at our incubator where they are provided with business development and marketing support in addition to technical guidance and are launched as independent companies.


ProSeed is an AI solution that aims to develop cheap chemical analysis methods using spectroscopy and artificial intelligence. It accelerates chemical testing by using artificial intelligence on spectrograph of the given sample. Chemical testing is a ubiquitous process and is widely used in medicine preparation, laboratory testing, soil analysis, water and food analysis among many other applications. Traditionally, chemical testing is performed by mixing the given sample with known indicator solutions which is a laborious, expensive and time consuming process often spanning over days and weeks. On the other hand, passing white light through a matter and identifying components of lights which passed through a matter can be done almost instantaneously in a process called spectroscopy. Different materials allow different lights to pass through or in technical terms, have different spectroscopic properties. Our developed solution, ProSeed, uses artificial intelligence based algorithms to process spectroscopic measurements of a given substance and predict what materials were present in the given substance. Hence, it significantly accelerates the process of understanding chemical properties of a given substance. ProSeed has already received a funding worth 25 million rupees and is currently in product development phase and hopes to enter marketing phase in a few weeks time.