The Industry

The agriculture industry stands as one of the largest sectors globally, with the United States alone witnessing a remarkable $1.7 trillion business focused on the production and distribution of food. This massive industry offers tremendous opportunities for AI to make a significant impact. By effectively employing AI, we can monitor, optimize, and automate numerous agricultural processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. The remarkable growth projections, such as the anticipated $4.5 billion market for IoT-enabled Agricultural (IoTAg) monitoring by 2025, as forecasted by PwC, indicate the rapid expansion of AI adoption in agriculture. Within this thriving sector, AI presents countless transformative applications, ranging from advanced analysis of soil quality to the development of autonomous robot farmers. At Qult Technologies, we are committed to harnessing the potential of AI and shaping the future of agriculture through innovative solutions tailored to this dynamic industry.

What can AI do?

Efficient Soil Analysis via Commodity Hardware

This can help farmers to optimally choose which crops to harvest and what kind of fertilizers to use.

Livestock Health Monitoring

Leveraging data, AI can optimize dairy production, cows health, and well being.

Early Pest Outbreak Detection

AI drones to prevent pest attacks with early detection and preventing them from spreading too far.