Optimization of Plunger Lift Systems

In the conventional pipeline pigging process operators will assume the paths for the pig runs given the changes in line pressures. Any false positive will cost from 2000$ to 20000$ due to the cost of pig run materials and reduction in gas production.

At Qult Technologies with our Pig Route Optimization solution coupled with state-of-the-art AI methods, oil & gas companies can optimize pigging operations for new and existing pipelines. Our solution will prioritize pigging operations with an early warning system which will help field operators only to shut down small parts of pipelines reducing production cost of pipeline pigging.

Maximize Gas Production

Next to Zero Emissions

Minimize Equipment Damage and Downtime

Reduce Labour Costs

No Manual intervention is needed from field operators with AI-based early warning Pig Route Optimization.

Pig Route Optimization Cycle with AI

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