Pig Route Optimization

With conventional pipeline pigging processes, operators typically rely on assumptions when determining the paths for pig runs based on changes in line pressures. However, any false positive in this approach can lead to significant financial losses ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. These losses result from the costs associated with pig run materials and a reduction in gas production.

At Qult Technologies, we offer a groundbreaking Pig Route Optimization solution that incorporates cutting-edge AI methods. This solution is designed specifically for oil and gas companies, enabling them to optimize their pigging operations for both new and existing pipelines. By leveraging our advanced AI technology, we provide an early warning system that prioritizes pigging operations. This system empowers field operators to selectively shut down smaller sections of pipelines, thereby reducing the overall production costs associated with pipeline pigging. With Qult Technologies’ Pig Route Optimization solution, oil and gas companies can maximize efficiency and minimize financial risks while ensuring optimal performance of their pipeline systems.

Maximize Gas Production

Minimize Equipment Damage and Downtime

Next to Zero Emissions

Reduce Labour Costs

No Manual intervention is needed from field operators with AI-based early warning Pig Route Optimization.

  • Our AI models will prioritize and plan pig runs on different pig routes.

  • Significant cost reduction in pig runs operations.

  • Early warnings about pig runs will keep gas production at maximum.

Pig Route Optimization Cycle with AI

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