Journal Research Projects

Blind Image Deconvolution Using Deep Generative Priors

This article proposes a novel approach to regularize the ill-posed and non-linear blind image deconvolution (blind deblurring) using deep generative networks as priors. We employ two separate pretrained generative networks — given lower-dimensional Gaussian vectors as input, one of the generative models samples from the distribution of sharp images, while the other from that of […]

Journal Research Projects

Compressed Sensing based Robust Phase Retrieval
via Deep Generative Priors

Algorithmic phase retrieval offers an alternative means to recover the phase of optical images without requiring sophisticated measurement setups such as holography. This paper proposes a framework to regularize the highly ill-posed and nonlinear phase retrieval problem through deep generative priors by simply using gradient descent algorithm. We experimentally show effectiveness of the proposed approach […]

Conference Research Projects

Deep Ptych: Subsampled Fourier Ptychography Using Generative Priors

This paper proposes a novel framework to regularize the highly ill-posed and non-linear Fourier ptychography problem using generative models. We demonstrate experimentally that our proposed algorithm, Deep Ptych, outperforms the existing Fourier ptychography techniques, in terms of quality of reconstruction and robustness against noise, using far fewer samples. We further modify the proposed approach to […]