Financial Lease

Payment Behaviour Forecasting

During the length of a financial contract such as a loan or a lease, a customer is expected to make per-decided frequent payments to the finance company. Late payments or no payments count as losses towards the finance company. A machine learning based solution developed by CACTuS forecasts customer payment behaviour, helping the finance company […]

Financial Lease


Reselling focuses on identifying customers from the current pool of customers who may return again. For example, in car leasing customers often return for a new lease once and when the current lease expires. As it is generally easier to retain your current customers rather than attracting new customers, companies often want to target their […]

Financial Lease

Up-selling/Product Recommendation

At the time of purchase of a financial product, there are often a large number of financial products to choose from with subtle differences. Customers often have insufficient knowledge and often end up making a sub-optimal purchase. A model developed by CACTuS ingests initial choice of financial product by the customer and lists closely related […]


Chemical Testing using Spectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence

Chemical and structural analysis of various substance is the primary means to reveal their properties in numerous important applications. Chemical analysis of soil reveals its chemical nature and hence points to appropriate fertilizer plan to address lack of particular chemicals, and helps retain its fertility. Blood testing, clean drinking water testing, concrete structure quality testing, […]

Computer Vision

3D Scene Reconstruction from 2D Images

This project seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do such as acquiring, processing, analysing and understanding digital images. Given one or typically more images of a scene, or a video, scene reconstruction aims at computing a 3D model of the scene. In the simplest case the model can be a set […]

Financial Lease

Loan Risk Prediction/Credit Worthiness

Financial institutions provide services such as loans and lease. If a consumer defaults on a loan and fails to pay back the loan amount, financial institution suffers a loss. Hence, it is pivotal for financial institutions to assess the risk of non-payment at the time of application. Utilizing state of the art techniques, like wide […]

Predictive Maintenance

Fault Detection and Prediction from Telemetric data

Innovative fault prediction can play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and cost effective process management. In this project, we designed a solution for predicting failure events by leveraging modern bleeding edge AI techniques such as deep learning, meta-learning, Bayesian optimization etc. Using AI we were able to successfully predict process/plant faults from telemetric data. […]

Predictive Maintenance

Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery

Almost all kind of engineering industrial process and production is performed by rotating machinery like motors, pumps, gearbox, fans, and assembly lines, etc. The condition-based monitoring of these types of equipment helps to boost productivity and profitability. In recent years, the industry has moved steadily from reactive to predictive long-term maintenance. The vibration signals are […]

Predictive Maintenance

Root Cause Analysis for Yield Loss in Wafer Fabrication

Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process with hundred of subprocesses. Different sensors record diverse information including the profiles of tools used in each fabrication subprocess, temperatures, pressures, etc. The output of this process is a semiconductor wafer. Any malfunctioning subprocess can introduce a yield loss in the output wafer and hence render the entire batch […]

Predictive Maintenance

Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Ball Bearings

Why Predictive Maintenance is needed? Maintenance and reliability professionals in the manufacturing industry face a number of challenges, but the goal of any maintenance organization is always the same i.e. to maximize equipment availability. In order to achieve maximum availability, run-to-failure maintenance suggests that the equipment must be kept running until it fails. However, this […]